A Line of Cutting Women


Edited by Beverly McFarland, Margarita Donnelly, Micki Reaman, Teri Mae Rutledge, et al.

Design by Cheryl McLean

Spanning community, time, and place, A Line of Cutting Women showcases 37 fiction discoveries celebrating the first 22 years of 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 Journal. 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 is known for finding diamonds in the rough and providing a forum for overlooked gems. In prose spanning community, time, and place, these writers reveal the relevance, excellence, and vibrance of women’s writing.

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Beverly McFarland was 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装’s Senior Editor; Margarita Donnelly was the Director; Micki Reaman was the Managing Editor; and Teri Mae Rutledge was the Promotions Coordinator. The 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 Editorial Collective is the recipient of many honors, including the 1996 Oregon Governor’s Award for the Arts.

Katherine Sturtevant Apple and Stone
Marisha Chamberlain Firewood
Molly Gloss The Doe
Carol Orlock There Are Colors
Julia Alvarez New World
Cherríe Moraga It Is You, My Sister, Who Must Be Protected
Phyllis Wolf White-Out
Beth Brant The Fifth Floor—1967
Linda Hogan Crow
Sandra Scofield Loving Leo
Claribel Alegría Luisa in Realityland (excerpts)
Shirley Sikes Falling Off the Matterhorn
Valerie Matsumoto Two Deserts
Marianne Villanueva Siko
Shirley Geok-lin Lim Native Daughter
Tahira Naqvi Paths upon Water
Amy Jones [Sedivy] Sanctuary
Kathleen Alcalá The Transforming Eye
Ruthann Robson Lives of a Long-Haired Lesbian: Four Elemental Narrations
Charlotte Watson Sherman Killing Color
Maria Luisa Puga, Translated by
Julie Albertson
Young Mother
Rosa Margot Ochoa, Translated by Bertie Acker Happy Mourning
Aiyana Trotter We Have Always Stashed Our Bones in the Closet
Barbara Branscomb Walking Away
Beth Bosworth Sheets
Alicia Ostriker Esther, or The World Turned Upside Down
Viki Radden A Thing about Italy
Carolyn Barbier Nighthawks
Kim Silveira Wolterbeek Sarah’s T-Bird
Terese Martineau Sister Zita
M. Evelina Galang Her Wild American Self
Hollis Sesamon Gypsies in the Place of Pain
Dee Axelrod River
Rebecca Lavine Afterward
Kristin King The Wings
Margaret Willey Scissors Girl
Rita Marie Nibasa A Line of Cutting Women



“What an extraordinary collection of worthwhile writing, brave in many cases, beautiful in almost all.” Grace Paley

“This impressive collection of first-rate short fiction is like a jeweler’s tray of tidy, brilliant gems. Fine literary talent—some well known, others who will become so—has been assembled in a cross-cultural range from Japanese to Jewish, Native American to Korean , Mexican to Mormon. Anyone who still doubts the existence of a multicultural ‘women’s culture’ will be forever changed by this book—and will have enjoyed a fine read in the bargain.” Robin Morgan

“A refreshing, rich, satisfying collection…. A great mix of voices including Jewish, Mormon, lesbian, Native American, African American, Asian and Mexican and styles ranging from the plain spoken to the magical/ mystical.” ForeWord


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