A Fierce Brightness


Twenty-five Years of Women’s Poetry

“Lost Equilibrium” by Shelly Corbett

Edited by Margarita Donnelly, Beverly McFarland, & Micki Reaman

A dazzling collection of important women poets of the past quarter-century collected from the pages of 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 Journal. Here the obscurity women poets suffered during the twentieth century is pierced with an expansive, powerful joy. Among the 101 poets are Anna Akhmatova, Olga Broumas, Jane Hirshfield, Marge Piercy, Eleanor Wilner, Sharon Olds, and Wislawa Szymborska.

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Margarita Donnelly was a founding editor of 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 and received the American Book Award for co-editing The Forbidden StitchBeverly McFarland was the Senior Editor of 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 and co-edited A Line of Cutting WomenMicki Reaman was the Managing Editor of 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 and co-edited Present Tense, which won a Pushcart Prize and a Bumbershoot Book Fair Award.

Ursula K. Le Guin For 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装
Janet E. Aalfs Sewing the Torn Sleeve
Frances Payne Adler Riding the Eye
The Voices Are Coming Up
Marjorie Agosín Mi Estomago/My Belly
Anna Akhmatova In the Evening
As if with a straw…
Jody Aliesan there is no real edge to anything
Paula Gunn Allen Weed
Dear World:
Julia Alvarez Against Cinderella
Judith Arcana Great with Child
Diane Lillian Averill Shoplifter Hands
Deborah Bacharach The New Joke
Rebecca Baggett From Art of the Amish: A Quilt Exhibition
Rachel: Queen Charolette’s Crown
Rachel: Crown of Thorns
Anna: Rose of Sharon
Jane Bailey Ceasefire
Barbara Baldwin A Field of Poppies
Judith Barrington Blood
You There…
Ellen Bass To Praise
Sujata Bhatt What Does One Write When the World Starts to Disappear?
Written After Hearing About the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan—
Gloria Bird The Women Fell like Beautiful Horses
Olga Broumas Old Wives’ Tale
Amazon Twins
Rosario Castellanos Love
Diana Chang On Being in the Midwest
Marilyn Chin We Are Americans Now, We Live in the Tundra
Jo Whitehorse Cochran To Keep the Spirits
Kathleen Crown Necklace: Rich Pink Corona Round a Flashing Yellow Heart
The Holy Ghost Flies into Second Baptist on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge
Cortney Davis The Smoke We Make Pictures Of
It Is August 24th
Madeline DeFrees From Figures for a Carrousel: 3. The Music.
Sheila Demetre A Woman Is Running for Her Life
Alice Derry Anne
Chitra Divakaruni The Quilt
The Alley of Flowers
Susan Elbe Practicing Eternity
Maria Ercilla Oysters and Zarzuelas
Stephanie Farrow The Civil War
Pesha Gertler The Right Thing
Standing with Chiyo-Ni
Diane Glancy Great Indian Father in the Subway
Lunar Eclipse, July 6, 1982
Jane Glazer Final Disposition
Point of No Return
Natalie Goldberg Two Iowa Farmers
Carol Gordon Calling Out the Names
Rebecca Gordon Adolescence
Nights in Siuna
Janice Gould Going Home
Tanana Valley
Renée Gregorio The Long Hill of Garrapata
Marilyn Hacker Aubade I
Aubade II
Jessica Hagedorn The Song of Bullets
Hazel Hall Maker of Songs
Made of Crêpe de Chine
A Baby’s Dress
Leigh Hancock Rain on Snow
Jana Harris Fever
Sending the Mare to Auction
Jean Hegland The Crone I Will Become
Judith Hemschemeyer Commandments
O Mother My Giant Redwood
Donna Henderson Transparent Woman
Jane Hilberry Crazy Jane Goes to Painting Class
Jane Hirshfield The Stream of It
Sibyl James How I’ll Live Then
The Sisters of Saida Manoubia
Terri L. Jewell Felled Shadows
Sistah Flo
LuAnn Keener Dehorning the Yearlings
Kalehua Parrilla Kim Ka Hale/The Nurturing Place
Barbara Kingsolver The Middle Daughter
Remembering the Moon Survives
Sandra Kohler Why a Woman Can’t Be Pope
From Ars Poetica Feminae: Vessel
Joan Larkin Risks:
Ursula K. Le Guin At the Party
His Daughter
Shirley Geok-lin Lim Pantoun for Chinese Women
Anuradha Mahapatra Tamburā
Lin Max Stone Fruit
When the Tules Are Peppered with Red-Winged Blackbirds
Judith McCombs Epithet
Love Poem, Later
Colleen J. McElroy Learning to Swim at Forty-Five
To Welcome a Changeling
Virginia McGuire Leaning into the Tilt
Elizabeth McLagan At Twelve
Reading the Names
Deborah A. Miranda Stories I Tell My Daughter
Susan Moon Unintended
Pat Mora Bruja: Witch
Loss of Control
Cherríe Moraga La Dulce Culpa
Robin Morgan Geography Lesson
Sharon Olds The Language of the Brag
Alicia Ostriker From: To Love Is
The Idea of Making Love
Debbra Palmer Wade’s Hoggers
Molly Peacock Sweet Time
The Veil of It
Paulann Petersen Groom of the Animal-Bride
I Listen to Alice Walker on a Pocket Radio
Marge Piercy The air like stained glass cuts me
Andrea Potos The One Red-Haired Summer
Twenty Years Later, to a Friend
Margaret Randall I Want the Words Back
Vicki Reitenauer Wife Of
Jennifer Richter Everywhere the Earth Is Opening
Madonna del Parto: Our Lady of Birth-Giving
Wendy Rose Ta Tiopa Maza Win/Iron Door Woman
May Sarton The Silence Now
Mira Chieko Shimabukuro After the Separation, dad Takes Me to the Dance for the Dead
Maurya Simon Snow
Lyubov Sirota Your Glance Will Trip on My Shadow
Judith Sornberger Wallpapering to Patsy Cline
When She Can’t Sleep
Susan Spady Tending Flowers
The Push-Pull of This Love
Alfonsina Storni You Want Me White
Wislawa Szymborska Drinking Wine
The Woman’s Portrait
Mary Tallmountain Brother Wolverine
Indian Blood
Alison Townsend Persephone in America
Haunani-Kay Trask Chant of Lamentation
Gail Tremblay Urban Indians, Pioneer Square, Seattle
Connie Voisine Blue Hat
Emily Warn Une Nuit Blanche
Carole Boston Weatherford Charleston Baskets
The Ladies of Dimbaza
Ingrid Wendt Singing the Mozart Requiem
Judith Werner Ethel Rosenberg and Me
Eleanor Wilner Operations: Desert Shield, Desert Storm
Miriam’s Song
Merle Woo Under a Full Moon
Elizabeth Woody Speaking Hands
Mitsuye Yamada The Club

“A strong, diverse, group of poets” —The Oregonian

“These voices come from an invigorating range of experiences and cultural perspectives…wonderful….” —Tacoma News Tribune

“This is an extraordinary anthology of women’s poetry that is both a landmark and a cause for celebration…powerful…. Highly recommended.” —Tulsa World

“Excellence…is evident in the quality of the poems in this anthology…. I’m most impressed with the substantial number of fine poems about the effects of war and ethnic cleansing…. Politics aside, it’s mostly just good poetry.” —Austin American Statesman


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