The 19th Amendment centennial is coming up on August 18, 2020, which in publishing timelines is practically tomorrow. We at 金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 thought we were going to spend the centennial celebrating our progress with the first female president; we find ourselves instead looking forward to an anniversary that is much for suited to the discussion of what the 19th Amendment meant in terms of struggle, sacrifice, and inching progress.

If the current administration is any indication, we have a lot of work to do to keep making sure that women’s voices–and by extension their stories, needs, questions and complaints–are heard. Representation has never been more important, and looking back at 100 years of women fighting for their rights can help us appreciate and reevaluate our goals.

金牛娱乐app安装娱乐app下载安装 is looking forward to publishing a special issue for the centennial devoted to women engaging in politics and social justice. Poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction will all be welcome in discussing the political and social dynamics that surround women’s rights. So if you’re not already doing so, start thinking about it now. Put pen to paper and consider the way that your unique voice can help shake the system.



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